Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bow Thruster for Tortuga

Tortuga has been out of the water for 4 years now and in inside now for two years. I plan once again to launch her this spring. Going forward, I plan to store outside so now is the time to install a thruster if I want one. Here are the pics, I will complete the details when I have time.

AC/Heat Installation

Tortuga had a window unit installed into the port rear window of the salon. It caused major damage due to leaking. I removed the old unit, fixed the damage and installed a new window. (See OMG Windows and Walls Post). I wanted central heat and air. I calculated the needed BTUs using the instructions at (insert link here) I required 24,000 BTUs. I choose two Webasto 12K FCF units. for two zone control. One split between the stern cabin and salon and the other split between the salon and forward cabin. Here are the pics so far. Details to follow as I complete the install. 

New Counter Tops, New Oven and Refrigerator

Once the windows were out it was time to rip out the old countertop, oven and refrigerator. The frig was a AC dorm model which came with the boat. The oven was a 2 burner Alcohol and I wanted a 3 burner propane. The cabinets and countertop would need adjustments to fit the new appliances and the admiral wanted a updated look for the countertop.   Here are the pics, detail to follow at a later date.

New Stringers and Bilge Re Build

Here are the pictures from the stringer replacement and re building the bilge. I stripped the entire bilge down to good fiberglass and coated with three coats of gelcoat. Details to follow later.